Service Plans and Information

SOFTSAVE provides FTP space on our servers so you can transfer your backups to an offsite location. If you have your own cPanel server, this is very easy to setup via WHM. If you are a reseller with non root access to WHM, you can use a third party script such as WHM Easy Backup to automate your backup process and transfer your backups to one of our FTP servers. If you are using a server without a control panel you can setup a custom cron job to backup your server and then transfer that data to one of our FTP servers.

Service Plans

50GB Backup Space    –  $10.00 / monthly  –  Order Now
100GB Backup Space  –  $20.00 / monthly  –  Order Now
250GB Backup Space  –  $50.00 / monthly  –  Order Now
500GB Backup Space  –  $75.00 / monthly  –  Order Now

If you require more than 500GB of backup space, please open a ticket and we’ll provide a custom quote based on your storage needs.

Accounts are accessible via FTP only. Rsync support is currently not available but can be enabled in an emergency.

Service is not automatically setup. We are a small organization and we screen all of our customers. Your service will be provisioned once we’ve had a chance to review your order. This should never take more than a few hours.

Please be sure you’ve fully read and understood our Terms of Service. They’re pretty simple so take a moment to review if you haven’t already.

Service Sites and Information

SOFTSAVE’s FTP Backup services are currently available in two locations:

Orlando, Florida
Dallas, Texas

SOFTSAVE’s FTP Backup services are deployed via HP ProLiant hardware. The servers are Dual Intel Nehlam or Westmere CPU’s and are populated with Seagate Constellation ES hard drives under an HP P410 RAID controller with BBU. All servers are RAID50 protected and each servers has a 1 Gbps uplink to the Internet. All servers are running CentOS 6.

As demand grows, we have the ability to quickly deploy additional backup servers throughout the United States. Historically we’ve found that Orlando, Florida and Dallas, Texas serves a majority of our customer base with ease.