Tools and Information

If you are backing up a server or a web account with a control panel such as cPanel, you can use the built in backup functions of that control panel. You can follow the directions provided below and simply input your account information that was provided to you at sign up. If you need assistance with setting up your backups, don’t hesitate to open a ticket and we’ll assist you the best that we can.

cPanel – Setting Up Backups via WHM

cPanel – Backing up your individual website

If you don’t have root access to your cPanel server or want to further automate your cPanel backups you can download and install a 3rd party script such as WHM Easy┬áBackup. We’ve used this tool for some time and it works very well.

Plesk – Setting Up Backups

Webmin – Setting up backups

You do not need a control panel in order to use our service. If you are managing your server without the use of one of the more common control panels, you’re more than likely very familiar with how to setup backup jobs with FTP support to offload those backups. Free free to open a ticket if you need assistance.

Desktop Tools

If you will be using our service to backup your desktop or other device, there are a number of great tools available to assist you with that. Some of our recommendations are listed here.

CloudBerry Desktop Backup – This tool lists the multiple “cloud” based options that can be used for backups. It also has support for backing up via FTP and is much cheaper than working with the cloud storage providers. Simply input your SOFTSAVE FTP account information and you’ll be good to go.

AceBackup – This free tool allows you to setup backups on your desktop or laptop and automatically transfer those backups to your SOFTSAVE FTP account.